Rhinella lescurei Fouquet, Gaucher, Blanc, and Vélez-Rodriguez, 2007

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Bufonidae > Genus: Rhinella > Species: Rhinella lescurei

Rhinella lescuri Fouquet, Gaucher, Blanc, and Vélez-Rodriguez, 2007, Zootaxa, 1663: 24. Holotype: MNHNP 2006.2608, by original designation. Type locality: "'Saut wanapi', Haute Wanapi, French Guiana (02° 30′ 694″ [sic] N/53° 494′ 153″ [sic] W), 170 m above sea level". Incorrect original spelling. Incorrect original spelling. See comment. 

Rhinella lescurei Fouquet, Gaucher, Blanc, and Vélez-Rodriguez, 2007, Zootaxa, 1663: 25. Alternative corrected spelling. 

English Names

None noted.


Known only from southwestern, western, and northeastern French Guiana, 20-170 m elevation through Suriname up to 300 m elevation; extending to central Amapá (municipalities of Pedra Branca do Amapari and Oiapoque), and likely extreme northern Pará, Brazil.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname


In the Rhinella margaritifera group according to the original publication. Rhinella lescuri, the first usage in the original paper is taken as an incorrect original spelling, the alternative Rhinella lescurei being used subsequently in the paper. Also in the original publication was a discussion of vocalization and external morphology. See account for Suriname population by Ouboter and Jairam, 2012, Amph. Suriname: 58-61. Costa-Campos, Figueiredo, Jairam, and Fouquet, 2020, Herpetol. Notes, 13: 801–804, provided a record for central Amapá, Brazil, and discussed and mapped the range. In the Rhinella margaritifera clade, Rhinella margaritifera group of Pereyra, Blotto, Baldo, Chaparro, Ron, Elias-Costa, Iglesias, Venegas, Thomé, Ospina-Sarria, Maciel, Rada, Kolenc, Borteiro, Rivera-Correa, Rojas-Runjaic, Moravec, De la Riva, Wheeler, Castroviejo-Fisher, Grant, Haddad, and Faivovich, 2021, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 447: 1–156. Taucce, Costa-Campos, Carvalho, and Michalski, 2022, Eur. J. Taxon., 836: 96–130, reported on distribution, literature, and conservation status for Amapá, Brazil. In the Rhinella margaritifera clade of Fouquet, Ferrão, Rodrigues, Werneck, Prates, Moraes, Hrbek, Chaparro, Lima, Perez, Pansonato, Carvalho, Almeida, Gordo, Farias, Milto, Roberto, Rojas-Zamora, Ron, Guerra Batista, Recoder, Camacho, Mamani, Rainha, and Ávila, 2024, Syst. Biodiversity, 22 (1, 2291086): 1–29, and Appendix 2, documented the phylogenetic placement of this species and its morphological, acoustic, and molecular markers. 

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