Search for Taxon: Breviceps montanus

Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Species: Alsodes montanus
Synonym: Telmatobius montanus Lataste in Philippi, 1902
Synonym: Telmalsodes montanus Diaz, 1989
Synonym: Eupsophus montanus Lynch, 1972
Synonym: Alsodes montanus Gallardo, 1970
Species: Astylosternus montanus
Synonym: Astylosternus montanus Amiet, 1978
Species: Leptopelis montanus
Synonym: Leptopelis montanus Tiutenko and Zinenko, 2021
Species: Ascaphus montanus
Synonym: Ascaphus truei montanus Mittleman and Myers, 1949
Synonym: Ascaphus montanus Nielson, Lohman, and Sullivan, 2001
Species: Craugastor montanus
Synonym: Craugastor (Craugastor) montanus Hedges, Duellman, and Heinicke, 2008
Synonym: Microbatrachylus montanus Taylor, 1942
Synonym: Craugastor montanus Crawford and Smith, 2005
Species: Eleutherodactylus auriculatoides
Synonym: Eleutherodactylus montanus auriculatoides Shreve and Williams, 1963
Species: Eleutherodactylus montanus
Synonym: Eleutherodactylus montanus Schmidt, 1919
Synonym: Eleutherodactylus (Eleutherodactylus) montanus Hedges, 1989
Genus: Breviceps
Synonym: Breviceps Merrem, 1820
Species: Breviceps acutirostris
Synonym: Breviceps acutirostris Poynton, 1963
Species: Breviceps adspersus
Synonym: Breviceps mossambicus adspersus Broadley, 1971
Synonym: Breviceps adspersus adspersus Pienaar, 1963
Synonym: Breviceps pretoriensis FitzSimons, 1930
Synonym: Breviceps mossambicus var. occidentalis Werner, 1903
Synonym: Breviceps adspersus Peters, 1882
Species: Breviceps bagginsi
Synonym: Breviceps bagginsi Minter, 2003
Species: Breviceps branchi
Synonym: Breviceps branchi Channing, 2012
Species: Breviceps carruthersi
Synonym: Breviceps carruthersi Du Preez, Netherlands, and Minter in Minter, Netherlands, and Du Preez, 2017
Species: Breviceps fichus
Synonym: Breviceps fichus Channing and Minter, 2004
Species: Breviceps fuscus
Synonym: Breviceps fuscus Hewitt, 1925
Species: Breviceps gibbosus
Synonym: Bufo (Breviceps) gibbosus Cuvier, 1829
Synonym: Breviceps gibbosus Merrem, 1820
Synonym: Bufo (Breviceps) dorsatus Cuvier, 1829
Species: Breviceps macrops
Synonym: Breviceps macrops Boulenger, 1907
Species: Breviceps montanus
Synonym: Breviceps montanus Power, 1926
Species: Breviceps mossambicus
Synonym: Breviceps mossambicus var. mossambicus Werner, 1903
Synonym: Breviceps mitchelli Hoffman, 1944
Synonym: Breviceps mossambicus Peters, 1854
Species: Breviceps namaquensis
Synonym: Breviceps namaquensis Power, 1926
Species: Breviceps ombelanonga
Synonym: Breviceps ombelanonga Nielsen, Conradie, Ceríaco, Bauer, Heinicke, Stanley, and Blackburn, 2020
Species: Breviceps passmorei
Synonym: Breviceps passmorei Minter, Netherlands, and Du Preez, 2017
Species: Breviceps pentheri
Synonym: Breviceps pentheri Nielsen, Daniels, Conradie, Heinicke, and Noonan, 2018
Synonym: Breviceps adspersus pentheri Poynton, 1964
Synonym: Breviceps parvus caffer Hewitt, 1932
Synonym: Breviceps pentheri caffer Parker, 1934
Synonym: Breviceps pentheri pentheri Parker, 1934
Synonym: Breviceps parvus Hewitt, 1925
Synonym: Breviceps pentheri Werner, 1899
Species: Breviceps poweri
Synonym: Breviceps poweri Parker, 1934
Species: Breviceps rosei
Synonym: Breviceps rosei Power, 1926
Synonym: Breviceps vansoni FitzSimons, 1946
Synonym: Breviceps fasciatus FitzSimons, 1950
Synonym: Breviceps rosei rosei Poynton, 1964
Synonym: Breviceps rosei vansoni Poynton, 1964
Species: Breviceps sopranus
Synonym: Breviceps sopranus Minter, 2003
Species: Breviceps sylvestris
Synonym: Breviceps sylvestris FitzSimons, 1930
Synonym: Breviceps sylvestris taeniatus Poynton, 1963
Synonym: Breviceps sylvestris sylvestris Poynton, 1964
Species: Breviceps verrucosus
Synonym: Breviceps tympanifer Hewitt, 1925
Synonym: Breviceps verrucosus Rapp, 1842
Synonym: Breviceps verrucosus tympanifer Poynton, 1964
Synonym: Breviceps verrucosus verrucosus Poynton, 1964
Synonym: Breviceps maculatus FitzSimons, 1947
Synonym: Breviceps striatus Hoffman, 1940
Synonym: Breviceps rugosus Power, 1926
Species: Probreviceps macrodactylus
Synonym: Breviceps macrodactylus Nieden, 1926
Synonym: Breviceps usambaricus Barbour and Loveridge, 1928
Species: Probreviceps uluguruensis
Synonym: Breviceps uluguruensis Loveridge, 1925
Species: Bufo praetextatus
Synonym: Bufo vulgaris montanus Okada, 1937
Synonym: Bufo japonicus montanus Kawamura, Nishioka, and Ueda, 1980
Synonym: Bufo bufo montanus Okada, 1966
Species: Leptophryne cruentata
Synonym: Bufo montanus Werner, 1897
Species: Cornufer montanus
Synonym: Batrachylodes montanus Brown and Parker, 1970
Synonym: Cornufer (Batrachylodes) montanus Brown, Siler, Richards, Diesmos, and Cannatella, 2015
Species: Platymantis montanus
Synonym: Cornufer montanus Taylor, 1922
Synonym: Platymantis montanus Zweifel, 1967
Synonym: Platymantis (Tirahanulap) montanus Brown, Siler, Richards, Diesmos, and Cannatella, 2015
Species: Sphaerotheca breviceps
Synonym: Rana (Tomopterna) breviceps breviceps Dubois, 1983
Synonym: Pyxicephalus breviceps Günther, 1864
Synonym: Tomopterna breviceps Deckert, 1938
Synonym: Sphaerotheca breviceps Dubois, 1999
Synonym: Systoma breviceps Tschudi, 1838
Synonym: Rana breviceps Schneider, 1799
Synonym: Tomopterna (Sphaerotheca) breviceps Dubois, 1987
Synonym: Rana (Tomopterna) breviceps Boulenger, 1920
Species: Sphaerotheca rolandae
Synonym: Rana (Tomopterna) breviceps rolandae Dubois, 1983
Species: Nyctimystes montanus
Synonym: Nyctimystes montanus Duellman, 1993
Species: Hyperolius marmoratus
Synonym: Hyperolius breviceps Ahl, 1931
Species: Hyperolius montanus
Synonym: Hyperolius montanus Ahl, 1931
Species: Cophixalus montanus
Synonym: Phrynixalus montanus Boettger, 1895
Synonym: Hylophorbus montanus Van Kampen, 1923
Synonym: Phrynomantis montanus Noble, 1926
Synonym: Cophixalus montanus Parker, 1934
Species: Uperodon montanus
Synonym: Hylaedactylus montanus Jerdon, 1853
Synonym: montanus Peloso, Frost, Richards, Rodrigues, Donnellan, Matsui, Raxworthy, Biju, Lemmon, Lemmon, and Wheeler, 2016
Species: Uperodon systoma
Synonym: Rana (Breviceps) marmoratum Guérin-Méneville, 1838
Synonym: Bufo (Breviceps) marmoratus Cuvier, 1829
Species: Myobatrachus gouldii
Synonym: Breviceps Heliogabali Gray, 1841
Synonym: Breviceps gouldii Gray, 1841
Synonym: Breviceps (Chelydobatrachus) Gouldii Peters, 1867
Species: Phrynobatrachus breviceps
Synonym: Phrynobatrachus breviceps Pickersgill, 2007
Species: Strongylopus bonaespei
Synonym: Strongylopus montanus Channing, 1979
Species: Indosylvirana montana
Synonym: Hylarana montanus Biju, Garg, Mahony, Wijayathilaka, Senevirathne, and Meegaskumbura, 2014
Synonym: Rana (Hylorana) gracilis montanus Rao, 1922
Species: Rana temporaria
Synonym: Rana temporaria var. montanus Koch, 1872
Species: Polypedates macrotis
Synonym: Philautus montanus Taylor, 1920
Species: Raorchestes hassanensis
Synonym: Philautus montanus Rao, 1937
Species: Raorchestes tinniens
Synonym: Ixalus montanus Günther, 1876
Order: Caudata
Species: Pseudotriton diastictus
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus diastictus Bishop, 1941
Synonym: Gyrinophilus montanus diastictus Fouquette and Dubois, 2014
Species: Pseudotriton montanus
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus montanus Stejneger and Barbour, 1923
Synonym: Gyrinophilus montanus montanus Fouquette and Dubois, 2014
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus Baird, 1850
Synonym: Spelerpes (=P.[seudotriton]) r.[uber] montanus Cope, 1869
Synonym: Spelerpes ruber var. montanus Boulenger, 1882
Synonym: Geotriton rubra montanus Garman, 1884
Synonym: Spelerpes montanus Brimley, 1917
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus Dunn, 1920
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus flavissimus Stejneger and Barbour, 1923
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus floridanus Netting and Goin, 1942
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus floridanus Neill, 1948
Synonym: Pseudotriton montanus Schmidt, 1953
Synonym: Gyrinophilus montanus flavissimus Fouquette and Dubois, 2014
Synonym: Gyrinophilus montanus floridanus Fouquette and Dubois, 2014
Species: Plethodon montanus
Synonym: Plethodon montanus Highton and Peabody, 2000
Synonym: Plethodon (Plethodon) montanus Vieites, Román, Wake, and Wake, 2011
Species: Euproctus montanus
Synonym: Triturus (Euproctus) montanus Boulenger, 1878
Synonym: Euproctus montanus Giglioli, 1878
Synonym: Triton montanus Schulze, 1891
Synonym: Triton (Euproctus) montanus Wolterstorff, 1901
Species: Hypogeophis montanus
Synonym: Hypogeophis montanus Maddock, Wilkinson, and Gower, 2018