Panophrys qianbeiensis (Su, Shi, Wu, Li, Yao, Wang, and Li, 2020)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Megophryidae > Subfamily: Megophryinae > Genus: Panophrys > Species: Panophrys qianbeiensis

Megophrys qianbeiensis Su, Shi, Wu, Li, Yao, Wang, and Li, 2020, ZooKeys, 974: 144. Holotype: CIBTZ 20190608017, by original designation. Type locality: "Huanglian Nature Reserve, Tongzi County, Guizhou Province, China (28.498056°N, 107.046944°E, ca. 1500 m a.s.l.)".

Panophrys qianbeiensis — Here 11 February 2021, based on statement in the original of phylogenetic proximity to Panophrys spinata and Panophrys sangzhiensis. 

English Names

Qianbei Horned Toad (original publication). 


Huanglian Nature Reserve, Tongzi County and Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve, Suiyang County, Guizhou Province, China, at elevations between 1400–1600 m.


The sister taxon of Megophrys spinata + Megophrys sangzhiensis (both now in Panophrys) according to the original publication, where the morphology and call were described as well as the species placed in a molecular tree. 

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