Search for Taxon: Andrias davidianus

Class: Amphibia
Order: Caudata
Genus: Andrias
Synonym: Andrias Tschudi, 1837
Species: Andrias davidianus
Synonym: Andrias davidianus Brame, 1967
Synonym: Megalobatrachus japonicus davidianus Pope and Boring, 1940
Synonym: Megalobatrachus davidianus Liu, 1950
Synonym: Cryptobranchus davidianus Naylor, 1981
Synonym: Andrias scheuchzeri davidiana Westphal, 1958
Species: Andrias japonicus
Synonym: Andrias japonicus Lapparent, 1900
Synonym: Andrias scheuchzeri japonicus Westphal, 1958
Species: Andrias sligoi
Synonym: Andrias sligoi Turvey, Marr, Barnes, Brace, Tapley, Murphy, Zhao, and Cunningham, 2019