Eupsophus septentrionalis Ibarra-Vidal, Ortiz, and Torres-Pérez, 2004

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Alsodidae > Genus: Eupsophus > Species: Eupsophus septentrionalis

Eupsophus septentrionalis Ibarra-Vidal, Ortiz, and Torres-Pérez, 2004, Bol. Soc. Biol. Concepción, 75: 91. Holotype: MZUC 27650, by original designation. Type locality: "Reserva Nacional Los Queules (36° 06′ S, 72° 50′ W), VII Region", Chile.

Eupsophus queulensis Veloso, Celis-Diez, Guerrero, Méndez-Torres, Iturra-Constant, and Simonetti, 2005, Herpetol. J., 15: 160. Holotype: MNHNC 3798, by original designation. Type locality: "at the east edge of Reserve Nacional Los Queules, 71 km W Cauquenes, coastal mountain range of the Costa, VII Maule Region (35° 59′ S, 72° 41′ W) at 450 m elevation, Chile". Synonymy by Blotto, Nuñez, Basso, Úbeda, Wheeler, and Faivovich, 2013, Cladistics, 29: 117.

English Names

None noted.


A narrow strip of the Coastal Range in central Chile between 35°28′ and 36°27′ S. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Chile

Endemic: Chile


Larval morphology described (as Eupsophus queulensis) by Cárdenas-Rojas, Veloso, and de Sá, 2007, Alytes, 25: 45–54. Vocalizations of nominal Eupsophus queulensis reported by Opazo, Velásquez, Veloso, and Penna, 2009, J. Herpetol., 43: 657-664. Removed from the synonymy of Eupsophus roseus by Suárez-Villota, Quercia, Vera-Sovier, and Nuñez, 2018, PLoS One, 13(12: e0204968): 1–19, where it had been placed by Correa-Quezada, Vásquez, Castro-Carrasco, Zúñiga-Reinoso, Ortiz, and Palma, 2017, PLoS One, 12(8: e0181026): 13. See Correa-Quezada and Durán, 2019, ZooKeys, 863: 107–152, for discussion of systematics and range. See Charrier, 2019, Anf. Bosques Centro Sur y Patagonia de Chile: 198–201, for account (morphology, habitat, natural history) and polygon distribution map. 

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