What is Amphibian Species of the World?

Amphibian Species of the World (ASW) is a taxonomic and nomenclatural database designed to provide quick access by practicing systematists to technical information on current amphibian taxonomy and distribution and their primary literature. Some literature on conservation and natural history is included, but the primary focus of ASW remains technical information for working systematists. The aim is to keep to a narrow taxonomic and nomenclatural focus that will allow the catalogue to remain nimble and accurate, while linking out to other high-quality sites that are differently or more generally focused (e.g., IUCN Red List, Map of Life, iNaturalist, Anfibios de Ecuador, Wikipedia) sources of information regarding topics such as life history, detailed range mapping, and conservation status. The ASW database content is curated by Darrel Frost (Curator Emeritus, AMNH), database design and management are the responsibility of Matt Tarr (Director of Digital Architecture, AMNH Communications) and design implementation is provided by Mugo Web (BC, Canada).