Batrachyla nibaldoi Formas, 1997

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Batrachylidae > Genus: Batrachyla > Species: Batrachyla nibaldoi

Batrachyla nibaldoi Formas, 1997, Herpetologica, 53: 7. Holotype: IZUA 1620, by original designation; destroyed by fire on 3 December 2007. Type locality: "Puente Traihuanca (approximately 46° 25′ S, 72° 04′ W, 250 m altitude), 190 km S Coihaique (by road), General Carrera Province, Aisén Región (XI Región), eastern slopes of the Andes", Chile.

English Names

Nibaldo's Wood Frog (Díaz-Páez and Williams, 2001, Herpetol. Rev., 32: 189).


Known from temperate rainforest on eastern slope of the Andes in Chile in X Region (ca. 6 km north of Isla Chaulinec) and XI Region (Puente Traihuanca, Laguna San Rafael National Park, and Las Guaitecas National Reserve), Chile.


Most similar to Batrachyla taeniata according to the original publication. Díaz-Páez and Carreño, 2002, Herpetol. Rev., 33: 218, commented on the range. Pincheira-Donoso and Díaz-Páez, 2003, Herpetol. Rev., 34: 256, outlined the range. Rabanal, 2010, Check List, 6: 287-288, provided a spot-map of the species and discussed the range, as well as noting that the population from Alao Island might actually represent Batrachyla taeniata. See Lobos, Vidal-Maldonado, Correa-Quezada, Labra-Lillo, Díaz-Páez, Charrier, Rabanal, Díaz-Vidal, and Tala, 2013, Anf. Chile Conserv. 1–104, for photograph, comments on conservation status, and range. 

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