Brachycephalus bufonoides Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Superfamily: Brachycephaloidea > Family: Brachycephalidae > Genus: Brachycephalus > Species: Brachycephalus bufonoides

Brachycephalus ephippium var. bufonoides Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920, Rev. Mus. Paulista, São Paulo, 12: 314. Syntypes: MZUSP 811 (2 specimens out of a lot of 6), by original designation; MZUSP 1459 (renumbered) designated lectotype by Pombal, 2010, Bol. Mus. Nac., Rio de Janeiro, N.S., Zool., 526: 8. Type locality: "Serra de Macahé", Brazil. Given as "Serra de Macaé, Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro", Brazil, by Bokermann, 1966, Lista Anot. Local. Tipo Anf. Brasil.: 16.

Brachycephalus bufonoides — Pombal, 2010, Bol. Mus. Nac., Rio de Janeiro, N.S., Zool., 526: 8. 

English Names

None noted.


Known only from Serra de Macaé, Nova Friburgo Municipality, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Brazil

Endemic: Brazil


Removed from the synonymy of Brachycephalus ephippium by Pombal, 2010, Bol. Mus. Nac., Rio de Janeiro, N.S., Zool., 526: 8, where it had been placed by Cochran, 1955 "1954", Bull. U.S. Natl. Mus., 206: 5-7. Tentatively assigned to the Brachycephalus ephippium group by Ribeiro, Bornschein, Belmonte-Lopes, Firkowski, Morato, and Pie, 2015, PeerJ, 3 (e1011): 1–35. Folly, Amaral, Carvalho-e-Silva, and Pombal, 2020, Zootaxa, 4819: 265–294, reported on the call and osteology and enhanced the diagnosis and who confirmed its membership in the Brachycephalus ephippium group. Folly, Luna-Dias, Miguel, Ferreira, Machado, Lopes, and Pombal, 2023, Acta Zool., Stockholm, 104: 71–105, reviewed the osteology.  

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