Atelopus barbotini Lescure, 1981

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Bufonidae > Genus: Atelopus > Species: Atelopus barbotini

Atelopus spumarius barbotini Lescure, 1981, Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. Paris, Sect. A, Zool., 3: 894. Holotype: MNHNP 1979.1505, by original designation. Type locality: "Saül (Guyane française) ... près de sources de la Mana, au pied des mots Galbao à 10,3 km de Saül (3° 35′ N, 53° 55′ W, alt. 200 m)". 

Atelopus barbotiniLötters, Boistel, Blanc, Haddad, and van der Meijden, 2005, in Rueda-Almonacid et al. (eds.), Ranas Arlequines: XXX.

English Names

None noted.


Uplands of central French Guiana. See comment. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: French Guiana

Endemic: French Guiana


Noonan and Gaucher, 2005, Mol. Ecol., 14: 3017–3031, provided the evidence for Atelopus barbotini being non-conspecific with Atelopus spumarius, but did not make the taxonomic change because it was not clear to them that this population was not conspecific with some other, unstudied population, of Atelopus. Lescure and Marty, 2000, Collect. Patrimoines Nat., Paris, 45: 48–49, provided a brief account and photo of Atelopus spumarius barbotini. Regarded by Kok, 2000, Brit. Herpetol. Soc. Bull., 71: 6, as a likely synonym of Atelopus flavescens, but he did not make the synonymy.Lötters, van der Meijden, Coloma, Boistel, Cloetens, Ernst, Lehr, and Veith, 2011, Syst. Biodiversity, 9: 54, rejected the conspecificity of Atelopus barbotini and Atelopus spumarius. Lötters, van der Meijden, Coloma, Boistel, Cloetens, Ernst, Lehr, and Veith, 2011, Syst. Biodiversity, 9: 53, and suggested that Atelopus barbotini may be a synonym of Atelopus flavescensJorge, Ferrão, and Lima, 2020, Diversity, 12 (310): 7, found this species to be phylogenetically imbedded within Atelopus hoogmoedi, but the implication is that Atelopus hoogmoedi represents a species complex. Taucce, Costa-Campos, Carvalho, and Michalski, 2022, Eur. J. Taxon., 836: 96–130, regarded records of Atelopus barbotini from Amapá, Brazil, as based on misidentifications of Atelopus hoogmoediLescure, Dewynter, Frétey, Ineich, Ohler, Vidal, and De Massary, 2022, Bull. Soc. Herpetol. France, 181(5): 1–17, did not mention this taxon as part of the fauna of French Guiana, implying that they treated it as a synonym of Atelopus flavescens or based on misidentifications of Atelopus hoogmoedi

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