Bufo luchunnicus (Yang and Rao, 2008)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Bufonidae > Genus: Bufo > Species: Bufo luchunnicus

Torrentophryne luchunnica Yang and Rao In Yang, 2008, in Yang and Rao (ed.), Amph. Rept. Yunnan: 57. Holotype: KIZ 78I015, by original designation. Type locality: Huang Lian Shan [mountain], Yunnan, China, 1650 m elevation.

Bufo luchunnicusFrost, 2009, Amph. Spec. World, vers. 5.3. Combination made due to the prior synonymy of Torrentophryne with Bufo to avoid paraphyly of the latter genus. 

Bufo (Bufo) luchunnicusDubois and Bour, 2010, Zootaxa, 2447: 24.

English Names

Luchun Stream Toad (Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 273). 

Luchun Toad (Poyarkov, Nguyen, Popov, Geissler, Pawangkhanant, Neang, Suwannapoom, and Orlov, 2021, Russ. J. Herpetol., 28 (3A): 19). 


Known from the vicinity of the type locality on Huang Lian Shan, southern Yunnan, China, 1650 m elevation, and Lao Cai and Son La provinces of Vietnam. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: China, People's Republic of, Vietnam


See comment regarding Torrentophryne under Bufo record. Closely related to Bufo cryptotympanicus, with which it had formerly been confused, according to the original publication. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 273, provided an account (as Torrentophryne luchunnica), photographs, and range map for China. Fei and Ye, 2016, Amph. China, 1: 817–818, provided an account (as Torrentophryne luchunnica), photographs, and spot map. Pham, Le, Hoang, Pham, Ziegler, and Nguyen, 2020, Russ. J. Herpetol., 27 : 81–86, reported on the Vietnam populations. Pham, Le, Pham, Ngo, Luu, Sung, Dau, Ziegler, and Nguyen, 2024, Amphibia-Reptilia, 45: 107–112, provided new records and as well as an estimated potential distribution map overlain by a dot map of records. 

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