Duellmanohyla Campbell and Smith, 1992

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Hylidae > Subfamily: Hylinae > Genus: Duellmanohyla
10 species

Duellmanohyla Campbell and Smith, 1992, Herpetologica, 48: 153, 163. Type species: Hyla uranochroa Cope, 1875 "1876", by original designation.

English Names

Mountain Brook Frogs (Liner, 1994, Herpetol. Circ., 23: 18; Liner and Casas-Andreu, 2008, Herpetol. Circ., 38: 12).

Brook Frogs (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 52).


Eastern Oaxaca, Mexico, disjunctly to western Panama.


Duellman, 2001, Hylid Frogs Middle Am., Ed. 2: 1027–1041, provided a phylogenetic analysis of the species and provided accounts. Savage, 2002, Amph. Rept. Costa Rica: 297–301, provided a key and accounts for the species of Costa Rica. McCranie and Wilson, 2002, Amph. Honduras: 247–254, provided accounts and keys to the species of Honduras and discussed phylogenetic analyses of previous authors. In the Hylini of Faivovich, Haddad, Garcia, Frost, Campbell, and Wheeler, 2005, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 294: 89. Wiens, Fetzner, Parkinson, and Reeder, 2005, Syst. Biol., 54: 743, considered Duellmanohyla to be part of their enlarged Hyla. Smith, Arif, Nieto-Montes de Oca, and Wiens, 2007, Evolution, 61: 2075–2085, suggested that Duellmanohyla is non-monophyletic due to the intrusion of Ptychohyla salvadorensis, but did not provide a taxonomic remedy for this problem. Pyron and Wiens, 2011, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 61: 543–583, but seemingly excluding the rhodopsin data from Faivovich, Haddad, Garcia, Frost, Campbell, and Wheeler, 2005, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 294, suggested that Duellmanohyla as well as Bromeliohyla are imbedded phylogenetically within PtychohylaKöhler, 2011, Amph. Cent. Am.: 216–217, provided a brief summary of natural history for the species of Central America, compared with other species of hylids from that region, and provided range maps and photographs. Faivovich, Pereyra, Luna, Hertz, Blotto, Vásquez-Almazán, McCranie, Sánchez, Baêta, Araujo-Vieira, Köhler, Kubicki, Campbell, Frost, Wheeler, and Haddad, 2018, S. Am. J. Herpetol., 13: 1–32, redelimited Duellmanohyla to render it monophyletic with the transfer of former Ptychohyla salvadorensis and Ptychohyla legleri into Duellmanohyla

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