Microhyla mixtura Liu and Hu, 1966

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Microhylidae > Subfamily: Microhylinae > Genus: Microhyla > Species: Microhyla mixtura

Microhyla mixtura Liu and Hu In Hu, Zhao, and Liu, 1966, Acta Zool. Sinica, 18: 79, 89. Holotype: CIB 610174, by original designation. Type locality: "Hua-ngo Shan [= Mt. Hua-e], Wanyuan Hsien, Szechwan [=Sichuan Province], alt. 1,280 m", China.

Microhyla (Microhyla) mixturaDubois, 1987, Alytes, 6: 3.

English Names

Chinese Rice Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 90).

Mixtured Pygmy Frog (Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 294).


Isolated populations from northern eastern Sichuan and southern Gansu through southern Shaanxi to Henan, thence to Anhui, with isolated populations in northeastern Hunan and eastern Zhejiang, China, 1000-1700 m elevation. See comment. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: China, People's Republic of

Endemic: China, People's Republic of


 Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 294-295, provided a brief account, figure, and map. Fei and Ye, 2001, Color Handbook Amph. Sichuan: 223, provided a brief account and illustration. Chen, Tao, Shi, and Meng, 2003, Chinese J. Zool., 38: 89-90, reported the species in Henan Province, China. Fei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 899-904, provided an account, spot map for China, and assigned this species to their Microhyla butleri group. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010, Colored Atlas of Chinese Amph.: 484-485, provided a brief account for China including photographs of specimens and habitat. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 570-571, provided an account, photographs, and a range map. Zhang, 2017, Amph. Rept. Fanjing Mts.: 181–184, provided taxonomic and natural history information for the Fanjing Mountains population in northeastern Guizhou, China.  In the Microhyla fissipes species group of Garg, Suyesh, Das, Jiang, Wijayathilaka, Amarasinghe, Alhadi, Vineeth, Aravind, Senevirathne, Meegaskumbura, and Biju, 2018 "2019", Vert. Zool., Senckenberg, 69: 1–71. Zhao, Meng, and Su, 2018, Conserv. Genet. Resources, 10: 427–430, reported on the complete mitochondrial genome. See comment under Microhyla okinavensisGorin, Solovyeva, Hasan, Okamiya, Karunarathna, Pawangkhanant, de Silva, Juthong, Milto, Nguyen, Suwannapoom, Haas, Bickford, Das, and Poyarkov, 2020, PeerJ, 8 (e9411): 1–47, placed this species in their Microhyla fissipes group; see comment under Microhyla okinavensis regarding the population on the Yaeyama Archipelago of Japan.  

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