Odontobatrachidae Barej, Schmitz, Günther, Loader, Mahlow, and Rödel, 2014

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Odontobatrachidae
5 species

Odontobatrachidae Barej, Schmitz, Günther, Loader, Mahlow, and Rödel, 2014, Frontiers Zool., 11(8): 10. Type genus: Odontobatrachus Barej, Rödel, Loader, and Schmitz, 2014. Zoobank: zoobank.org:act:464214AA-FB13-4626-B04E-55DB0DE94B2A

Odontobatrachoidea — Dubois, Ohler, and Pyron, 2021, Megataxa, 5: 228. Superfamily. 

English Names

None noted. 


High-gradient streams in the hilly forested parts of West Africa in Sierra Leone, northern Liberia, southern Guinea, and western Ivory Coast, 0-1400 m elevation.


Suggested by Yuan, Zhang, Raxworthy, Weisrock, Hime, Jin, Lemmon, Lemmon, Holland, Kortyna, Zhou, Peng, Che, and Prendini, 2018, Natl. Sci. Rev., Beijing, 6: 10–14, to be the sister taxon of Ptychadenidae + Phrynobatrachidae. Elias-Costa, Araujo-Vieira, and Faivovich, 2021, Cladistics, 37: 498–517, discussed the evolution of submandibular musculature optimized on the tree of Jetz and Pyron, 2018, Nature Ecol. & Evol., 2: 850–858, which provided morphological synapomorphies of this taxon.  

Contained taxa (5 sp.):

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