Tylototriton uyenoi Nishikawa, Khonsue, Pomchote, and Matsui, 2013

Class: Amphibia > Order: Caudata > Family: Salamandridae > Subfamily: Pleurodelinae > Genus: Tylototriton > Species: Tylototriton uyenoi

Tylototriton (Tylototriton) uyenoi Nishikawa, Khonsue, Pomchote, and Matsui, 2013, Zootaxa, 3737: 272. Holotype: KUHE 19147, by original designation. Type locality: "Phuping Rajanives Palace, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand (18  48’16’’ N, 98  54’9’’ E, 1436 m asl)". 

English Names

Uéno's Knobby Newt (Sparreboom, 2014, Salamanders Old World: 372). 


Chiang Mai Province (Doi Ang Khang, Doi Chang Kien, Doi Inthanon, Doi Pui, and Doi Suthep), Tak Province (Doi Mon Jong), northwestern Thailand and Khao Laem National Park, Kanchanaburi Province, western Thaialand at 1507 m elevation; extending into adjacent Myanmar.   


Previously confused with Tylototriton verrucosus according to the original publication. Raffaëlli, 2013, Urodeles du Monde, 2nd ed.: 182-183, provided a brief account, photograph, and map. Sparreboom, 2014, Salamanders Old World: 372–373, reviewed the biology, characteristics, distribution, reproduction, and conservation of the species. Hernandez, Escoriza, Pomchote, and Hou, 2019, Herpetol. Bull., London, 147: 15–18, provided a record for Tak Province, northwestern Thailand, and discussed the range and habitat. Bernardes, Le, Nguyen, Pham, Pham, Nguyen, Rödder, Bonkowski, and Ziegler, 2020, ZooKeys, 935: 121–164 , provided a range map that suggested the presence of this species in Myanmar and Vietnam, although the provenance of specimens was not provided. Hernandez and Pomchote, 2020, Bull. Soc. Herpetol. France, 175: 64–67, provided a record from Khao Laem National Park, Kanchanaburi province, western Thailand. In the Tylototriton (Tylototritonverrucosus species group of Poyarkov, Nguyen, and Arkhipov, 2021, Taprobanica, 10: 4–22, who discussed phylogenetics. 

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