Leptopelis nordequatorialis Perret, 1966

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Arthroleptidae > Subfamily: Leptopelinae > Genus: Leptopelis > Species: Leptopelis nordequatorialis

Leptopelis anchietae nordequatorialis Perret, 1966, Zool. Jahrb., Jena, Abt. Syst., 93: 434. Holotype: MHNG 1004.8, by original designation. Type locality: "Bangwe", Bamiléké, Cameroon.

Leptopelis nordequatorialisAmiet and Schiøtz, 1974, Ann. Fac. Sci. Cameroun, 17: 148. Schiøtz, 1999, Treefrogs Afr.: 301.

English Names

West Cameroon Forest Treefrog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 69).

Montane Tree Frog (Channing and Rödel, 2019, Field Guide Frogs & Other Amph. Afr.: 218).


Montane savannas, 1000-2000 m elevation on the plateau of central and western Cameroon and Mambilla Plateau in eastern Nigeria.


See comments under Leptopelis anchietae and Leptopelis oryi. See account for Cameroon by Amiet, 2012, Rainettes Cameroun: 522-528. Channing, Rödel, and Channing, 2012, Tadpoles of Africa: 116, reported on comparative tadpole morphology. Schiøtz, 1999, Treefrogs Afr.: 301–302, provided a brief account and map. Channing and Rödel, 2019, Field Guide Frogs & Other Amph. Afr.: 218–219, provided a brief account, photograph, and range map.

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