Limnonectes kenepaiensis (Inger, 1966)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Dicroglossidae > Subfamily: Dicroglossinae > Genus: Limnonectes > Species: Limnonectes kenepaiensis

Rana paramacrodon kenepaiensis Inger, 1966, Fieldiana, Zool., 52: 232. Holotype: RMNH, Buttikofer Expedition No. 20, by original designation; now RMNH 14519, according to Gassó Miracle, van den Hoek Ostende, and Arntzen, 2007, Zootaxa, 1482: 55. Type locality: "Merkata, Kenepai Mountains, western Kalimantan", Borneo [Indonesia].

Limnonectes (Limnonectes) kenepaiensisDubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 63.

English Names

Kenepai Wart Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 100).


Western Borneo in Kalimantan (Indonesia) and Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysia); Bunguran I., Natuna Is., Indonesia.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Indonesia, Malaysia, Malaysia, East (Sarawak and/or Sabah)


Elevated from status of subspecies of Limnonectes paramacrodon by Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 63. See identification table by Manthey and Grossmann, 1997, Amph. Rept. Südostasiens: 84-86, to compare this species with other ranids of the Sunda Shelf region. In the Limnonectes (Limnonectes) grunniens group of Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 63. Herlambang, Riyanto, Munir, Hamidy, Kimura, Eto, and Mumpuni, 2022, Treubia, 49: 78, reported the species from Bunguran I., Natuna Is., Indonesia.

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