Limnonectes tweediei (Smith, 1935)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Dicroglossidae > Subfamily: Dicroglossinae > Genus: Limnonectes > Species: Limnonectes tweediei

Rana tweediei Smith, 1935, Bull. Raffles Mus., 10: 62. Holotype: BMNH 1934.5.21.1 (now reregistered as 1947.2.1.92) according to museum records,; given incorrectly as BMNH 1931. by Kiew, 1975 "1974", Malayan Nat. J., 28: 107. Type locality: "near the River Yum, Headwater Plus River, alt. 2,000 feet", Perak, Malaysia (Malaya).

Rana ulukalensis Nakatani, 1969, Acta Herpetol. Japon., 3: 10. Holotype: deposition not stated and presumed lost. Type locality: foot of Mount Ulu Kali, situated at the headwaters of Batang Kali, a river NNE of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Synonymy by Das, 2010, Curr. Herpetol., Kyoto, 29: 35.

Rana ulikalensis Nakatani, 1969, Acta Herpetol. Japon., 3: 11. Incorrect original spelling according to Das, 2010, Curr. Herpetol., Kyoto, 29: 33.

Limnonectes (Limnonectes) tweedieiDubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 63.

English Names

Tweedie's Wart Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 100).


Lowlands (up to 900 m elevation) of Peninsular Malaysia (states of Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Trengganu, and Pahang) and western Sumatra (Indonesia).

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Indonesia, Malaysia, Malaysia, West (Peninsular)


In the Limnonectes (Limnonectes) kuhlii group of Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 63. Considered a synonym of Rana nitida by Kiew, 1975 "1974", Malayan Nat. J., 28: 107–109, but this synonymy was disputed by Dring, 1979, Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Zool., 34: 204–206, who posited that this species might be more closely related to Rana microdisca. See account by Bourret, 1942, Batr. Indochine: 284. See identification table by Manthey and Grossmann, 1997, Amph. Rept. Südostasiens: 84–86, to compare this species with other ranids of the Sunda Shelf region. See statement of geographic range, habitat, and conservation status in Stuart, Hoffmann, Chanson, Cox, Berridge, Ramani, and Young, 2008, Threatened Amph. World: 629. See comments on morphology and natural history in West Malaysia by Chan, Muin, Anuar, Andam, Razak, and Aziz, 2019, Check List, 15: 1055–1069.

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