Gastrotheca albolineata (Lutz and Lutz, 1939)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Hemiphractidae > Genus: Gastrotheca > Species: Gastrotheca albolineata

Hyla albolineata Lutz and Lutz, 1939, An. Acad. Brasil. Cienc., 11: 69. Holotype: Adolpho Lutz collection; now AL-MNRJ 1778, according to Duellman, 1985, in Frost (ed.), Amph. Species World: 123. Type locality: "Therezopolis in the mountains of the State of Rio de Janeiro", Brazil.

Gastrotheca albolineataSachsse, Izecksohn, and Carvalho-e-Silva, 1999, Herpetologica, 55: 401.

Gastrotheca (Australotheca) albolineata — Duellman, 2015, Marsupial Frogs: 27: 191. 

Gastrotheca (Alainia) albolineata — Duellman and Cannatella, 2018, Alytes, 36: 195

Alainia albolineata — Dubois, Ohler, and Pyron, 2021, Megataxa, 5: 431.

English Names

White-lined Treefrog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 52).


From elevations of 600–1400 m in the northern portion of Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range and the hills in the coastal lowlands of the state of Rio de Janeiro state, Serra do Mar mountain range and the southern portion of Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range and northern coast of São Paulo state as well as an isolated record in central Espíritu Santo, all in Brazil.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Brazil

Endemic: Brazil


Sachsse, Izecksohn, and Carvalho-e-Silva, 1999, Herpetologica, 55: 401–406, noted this species was likely most closely related to Gastrotheca microdiscus, and transferred it to Gastrotheca from Hyla (sensu lato), where it had been placed in the then Hyla albomarginata group (now Hypsiboas albomarginatus group) by Duellman, 1970, Monogr. Mus. Nat. Hist. Univ. Kansas: 240. See account by Caramaschi and Rodrigues, 2007, Bol. Mus. Nac., Rio de Janeiro, N.S., Zool., 525: 1–19. Gressler, Aguirre, and Haddad, 2008, Check List, 4: 31–32, provided a record for Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Núcleo Picinguaba (ca. 23°22' S, 44°48' W; 90 m elevation.), Municipality of Ubatuba, state of São Paulo, southeastern Brazil. Izecksohn and Carvalho-e-Silva, 2008, Rev. Brasil. Zool., 25: 100–110, discussed the taxonomic status of the species. Pontes, Murta da Fonseca, Lourenço, Maciel, Martins, and Ramos, 2012, Check List, 8: 158–160, provided a dot map of the distribution. In the Gastrotheca microdiscus group of Castroviejo-Fisher, Padial, De la Riva, Pombal, Silva, Rojas-Runjaic, Medina-Méndez, and Frost, 2015, Zootaxa, 4004: 1–72. See account by Duellman, 2015, Marsupial Frogs: 191–195. 

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