Ranoidea thesaurensis (Peters, 1877)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Hylidae > Subfamily: Pelodryadinae > Genus: Ranoidea > Species: Ranoidea thesaurensis

Hyla thesaurensis Peters, 1877, Monatsber. Preuss. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1877: 421. Syntypes: ZMB 9121 (2 specimens) according to Bauer, Günther, and Klipfel, 1995, in Bauer et al. (eds.), Herpetol. Contr. W.C.H. Peters: 43. Type locality: "Treasury Island (Salomons Gruppe)", Solomon Islands.

Hyla macrops Boulenger, 1883, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., Ser. 5, 12: 164. Holotype: BMNH 1947.2.23,47 (formerly 1883.6.28.13) according to Condit, 1964, J. Ohio Herpetol. Soc., 4: 91. Type locality: "Treasury Island, Solomon group". Synonymy by Barbour, 1921, Proc. New England Zool. Club, 7: 93; Loveridge, 1948, Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., 101: 400.

Hyla solomonis Vogt, 1912, Sitzungsber. Ges. Naturforsch. Freunde Berlin, 1912: 10. Syntypes: 2 specimens, including SMF 1419.3a, according to Mertens, 1922, Senckenb. Biol., 4: 163. Type locality: "Bougainville" Island, Solomon Islands. Synonymy by Burt and Burt, 1932, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 63: 461–597.

Nyctimystes milneana Loveridge, 1945, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 58: 57. Holotype: MCZ 11652, by original designation. Type locality: "Milne Bay, Eastern Division, Papua [New Guinea]". Synonymy by Zweifel, 1958, Am. Mus. Novit., 1896: 43.

Litoria thesaurensisTyler, 1971, Univ. Kansas Publ. Mus. Nat. Hist., 19: 354.

Ranoidea thesaurensis — Dubois, Ohler, and Pyron, 2021, Megataxa, 5: 439. 

English Names

Treasury Island Treefrog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 60).


Widespread in New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, and all of the Solomon Islands except the southernmost, 0–1200 m elevation.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Indonesia, Indonesia - Papua Region, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands


In the Litoria thesaurensis group of Tyler and Davies, 1978, Aust. J. Zool., Suppl. Ser., 27 (63): 42. See Menzies and Zug, 1979, Micronesica, 15: 325–333. See brief account by Menzies, 1976, Handb. Common New Guinea Frogs: 38–39. See comment under Litoria flavescens. Menzies, 2006, Frogs New Guinea & Solomon Is.: 115 provided a brief account for this species which he included in his Litoria thesaurensis complex and who noted that previous records from the d'Entrecasteaux Islands may be Litoria flavescens. Pikacha, Morrison, and Richards, 2008, Frogs Solomon Islands: 59–61, provided an account. Dubois, Ohler, and Pyron, 2021, Megataxa, 5: 438–439, recovered Litoria thesaurensis deep within Ranoidea, although presumably employing much the same dataset, Duellman, Marion, and Hedges, 2016, Zootaxa, 4104: 49, recovered it as the sister taxon of Litoria wollastoni. This anomaly requires additional scrutiny (DRF) 

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