Kassinula Laurent, 1940

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Hyperoliidae > Subfamily: Hyperoliinae > Genus: Kassinula
1 species

Kassinula Laurent, 1940, Rev. Zool. Bot. Afr., 33: 313. Type species: Kassinula wittei Laurent, 1940, by monotypy.

English Names

Clicking Frogs (Channing, 2001, Amph. Cent. S. Afr.: 185).


Uplands of western and northern Zambia and southern Dem. Rep. Congo, generally in flooded grassy areas.


Kassinula was resurrected from the synonymy of Kassina by Drewes, 1984, Occas. Pap. California Acad. Sci., 139: 55, where it had been placed by Laurent and Combaz, 1950, Rev. Zool. Bot. Afr., 43: 273. J.-L. Perret In Laurent, 1985, in Frost (ed.), Amph. Species World: 225, regarding Kassinula as a subgenus of Kassina. Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 37-38, considered Kassinula a junior synonym of Kassina. Channing, 1989, S. Afr. J. Zool., 24: 116-131, transferred it to the Hyperoliinae, as the sister-taxon of Afrixalus, on the basis of a parsimony analysis. Schiøtz, 1999, Treefrogs Afr.: 247-248, and Channing, 2001, Amph. Cent. S. Afr.: 185-186, provided accounts. Conradie, Keates, Lobón-Rovira, Vaz Pinto, Verburgt, Baptista, Harvey, and Júlio, 2020, Afr. Zool., 55: 311–322, confirmed the phylogenetic results of Channing (1989) on the basis of a 16S mtDNA analysis. Nečas, Kielgast, Nagy, Chifundera, and Gvoždík, 2022, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 174 (107514): 1–11, provided a molecular tree that suggests that Kassinula may render Afrixalus paraphyletic but retained the genus on morphological grounds pending additional work; an alternative solution suggested by them, which would resolve the issue, would be to erect a new generic name for Afrixalus enseticolaPortik, Streicher, and Wiens, 2023, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 188 (107907): 66, in their molecular study found Kassinula within a paraphyletic Afrixalus but took no taxonomic action. 

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