Physalaemus fernandezae (Müller, 1926)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Leptodactylidae > Subfamily: Leiuperinae > Genus: Physalaemus > Species: Physalaemus fernandezae

Paludicola fernandezae Müller, 1926, Zool. Anz., 65: 193. Holotype: ZSM 137/1925 (lost) according to Glaw and Franzen, 2006, Spixiana, München, 29: 174. Type locality: "Christiano muerto (zwischen Neochaea und Bahia Blanca), Prov. Buenos Aires, Argentinien".

Physalaemus barbouri Parker, 1927, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., Ser. 9, 20: 463. Holotype: BMNH 1913.9.10.48, by original designation, now renumbered 1947.2.18.12 according to museum records. Type locality: "La Plata". Synonymy by Barrio, 1964, Acta Zool. Lilloana, 20: 285–305. Formerly considered a synonym of Physalaemus henselii by Barrio, 1954, Physis, Buenos Aires, 20: 379–389; Cei, 1956, Invest. Zool. Chilen., 3: 51; and Milstead, 1960, Copeia, 1960: 83–89.

Physalaemus fernandezaeParker, 1927, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., Ser. 9, 20: 463.

English Names

Whistling Dwarf Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 83).


Known from Uruguay only from three departments in Uruguay, Montevideo (Santiago Vázquez), Florida (Cerro Colorado), and Canelones and Maldonado (arroyo Solís); adjacent Argentina (Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, and Corrientes provinces).

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Argentina, Uruguay


In the Physalaemus henselii group of Nascimento, Caramaschi, and Cruz, 2005, Arq. Mus. Nac., Rio de Janeiro, 63: 310. Tomatis, Baldo, Kolenc, and Borteiro, 2009, J. Herpetol., 43: 555–560, rejected the reality of this group. See comment under Physalaemus henselii. See accounts by Barrio, 1964, Acta Zool. Lilloana, 20: 285–305; Gallardo, 1965, Neotropica, 11: 27–37 (as both Physalaemus barbouri and Physalaemus fernandezae); and Cei, 1980, Monit. Zool. Ital., N.S., Monogr., 2: 406–409. See brief discussion of taxonomic confusion by Klappenbach and Langone, 1992, An. Mus. Nac. Hist. Nat. Montevideo, Ser. 2, 8: 194–195. Achaval and Olmos, 2003, Anf. Rept. Uruguay, ed. 2: 29, provided a brief account and photograph for the Uruguay population. Alcalde, Natale, and Cajade, 2019, Herpetol. J., 16: 203–211, described the tadpole. Marangoni, Agostini, Barrasso, and Cajade, 2012, North-West. J. Zool., Romania, 8: 63–71, reported on growth patterns in Argentina. In the Physalaemus cuvieri clade, Physalaemus henselii species group, of Lourenço, Targueta, Baldo, Nascimento, Garcia, Andrade, Haddad, and Recco-Pimentel, 2015, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 92: 204–216. See account by Maneyro, Langone, and Carreira, 2019, in Maneyro, Langone, and Carreira (eds.), Libro Rojo Anf. Rept. Uruguay: 75–79, for Uruguay. Hepp and Pombal, 2020, Zootaxa, 4725: 1–106, discussed this species as part of a genus-wide discussion of bioacoustical traits among the species.  

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