Mantidactylus brevipalmatus Ahl, 1929

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Mantellidae > Subfamily: Mantellinae > Genus: Mantidactylus > Species: Mantidactylus brevipalmatus

Mantidactylus brevipalmatus Ahl, 1929 "1928", Mitt. Zool. Mus. Berlin, 14: 473. Holotype: ZMB unnumbered according to the original publication; reported as ZMB 30530 by Vences and Glaw, 2004, J. Nat. Hist., London, 38: 82. Type locality: "Nord-West-Madagascar"; corrected to "probably . . . Ankaratra massif", Madagascar, by Vences and Glaw, 2004, J. Nat. Hist., London, 38: 85.

Mantidactylus (Mantidactylus) brevipalmatusAhl, 1931, Das Tierreich, 55: 22.

Mantidactylus (Chonomantis) brevipalmatusGlaw and Vences, 1994, Fieldguide Amph. Rept. Madagascar, Ed. 2: 401.

Mantidactylus (Chonomantis) brevipalmatusVences and Glaw, 2006, in Vences et al. (eds.), Calls Frogs Madagascar: 29. Glaw and Vences, 2006, Organisms Divers. Evol., Electron. Suppl., 11(1): 3.

English Names

None noted.


Mountains of central Madagascar, 1670–2380 m elevation.

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Madagascar

Endemic: Madagascar


Resurrected from the synonymy of Mantidactylus aerumnalis by Andreone and Gavetti, 1994, Boll. Mus. Reg. Sci. Nat. Torino, 12: 57–71, where it had been placed by Blommers-Schlösser and Blanc, 1991, Faune de Madagascar, 75: 233. See accounts by Vences, Andreone, Glaw, Raminosoa, Randrianirina, and Vieites, 2002, Ital. J. Zool., 69: 272, Vences and Glaw, 2004, J. Nat. Hist., London, 38: 80–86 (who discussed the type and likely erroneous type locality), and Glaw and Vences, 2007, Field Guide Amph. Rept. Madagascar, Ed. 3: 244–245, provided accounts.

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