Boulenophrys shuichengensis (Tian and Sun, 1995)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Megophryidae > Subfamily: Megophryinae > Genus: Boulenophrys > Species: Boulenophrys shuichengensis

Megophrys shuichengensis Tian and Sun, 1995, J. Liupanshui Teachers College, 52(3): XXX. Holotype: LTHC 944001, by original designation. Type locality: at an elevation of 1850 metres in Shuicheng County, Guizhou Province, China. Acting as First Revisor this spelling was chosen as the correct original spelling by Ohler, Frétey, and Dubois, 2015, Zootaxa, 3963: 597.

Megophrys shuichengensis Tian, Gu, and Sun, 2000, Acta Zootaxon. Sinica, 25: 463, 465. Holotype: LTHC 944001, by original designation. Type locality: "Fenghuang village, Shuicheng County (26° 34′ N, 104° 51′ E), Guizhou Province; altitude 1850 m", China. Objective synonym of Megophrys shuichengensis Tian and Sun, 1995, according to Ohler, Frétey, and Dubois, 2015, Zootaxa, 3963: 596. 

Xenophrys shuichengensisOhler, 2003, Alytes, 21: 23, by implication; Delorme, Dubois, Grosjean, and Ohler, 2006, Alytes, 24: 17; Chen, Zhou, Poyarkov, Stuart, Brown, Lathrop, Wang, Yuan, Jiang, Hou, Chen, Suwannapoom, Nguyen, Duong, Papenfuss, Murphy, Zhang, and Che, 2017, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 106: 41.

Xenophrys (Tianophrys) shuichengensis — Fei and Ye, 2016, Amph. China, 1: 681. 

Megophrys (Panophrys) shuichengensis — Mahony, Foley, Biju, and Teeling, 2017, Mol. Biol. Evol., 34: 755. 

Panophrys shuichengensis — Lyu, Zeng, Wang, Liu, Huang, Li, and Wang, 2021, Zootaxa, 4927: 15. 

Boulenophrys shuichengensis — Qi, Lyu, Wang, Mo, Zeng, Zeng, Dai, Li, Grismer, and Wang, 2021, Zootaxa, 5072: 404.

English Names

Shuicheng Horned Toad (Fei and Ye, 2016, Amph. China, 1: 681). 


Known only from two localities (Shuicheng and Suiyang) in western and north-central Guizhou Province, China, 1800 to 1870 me elevation.


Most similar to Atympanophrys gigantica, but lacking the apomorphies of that taxon. In the Megophrys omeimontis group of Fei, Ye, Huang, Jiang, and Xie, 2005, in Fei et al. (eds.), Illust. Key Chinese Amph.: 79. Fei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 403-408, provided an account, illustration of the holotype, and spot map. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010, Colored Atlas of Chinese Amph.: 208-209, provided a brief account including photographs of specimens and habitat. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 237, provided an account, photographs, and a range map. See  Ohler, Frétey, and Dubois, 2015, Zootaxa, 3963: 596, for discussion of original publication. Fei and Ye, 2016, Amph. China, 1: 681–680, provided an account, photogrphs, and dot map, as Xenophrys shuichengensis.  

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