Oreophryne celebensis (Müller, 1894)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Microhylidae > Subfamily: Asterophryinae > Genus: Oreophryne > Species: Oreophryne celebensis

Sphenophryne celebensis Müller, 1894, Verh. Naturforsch. Ges. Basel, 10: 841. Syntypes: NHMB and BMNH 1894.9.28.4–5 (now renumbered 1947.2.12.15–16 by museum records) and 1896.12.9.101–102 (Boulenger, 1895 "1894", Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1894: 642; Parker, 1934, Monogr. Frogs Fam. Microhylidae: 163); NHMB 1340 designated lectotype by Forcart, 1946, Verh. Naturforsch. Ges. Basel, 57: 134. Type locality: "Boelawa-Gebirge ca. 1200 m., Totoiya-Thal 800 m., Gipfel des Gunung Soudara" (= Boelawa Mountains, ca. 1,200 m, [and] Totoiya Valley, 800 m, summit of the Gunung Sudara), North Celebes, Indonesia; which of these localities the lectotype came from cannot be determined (Forcart, 1946, Verh. Naturforsch. Ges. Basel, 57: 134).

Oreophryne celebensisMéhely, 1901, Termés. Füzetek, 24: 206, 256.

Asterophrys celebensis — Dubois, Ohler, and Pyron, 2021, Megataxa, 5: 521, by implication. 

English Names

Celebes Cross Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 91).


Northernmost Sulawesi, Indonesia, above 1000 m elevation.


Parker, 1934, Monogr. Frogs Fam. Microhylidae: 162, identified a specimen from 2600 m elevation in Papua (New Guinea), Indonesia, as this species but noted some morphological differences. It is most unlikely that the same species of Oreophryne would occur at such a high elevation in New Guinea and in Sulawesi as well according to Zweifel, 1985, in Frost (ed.), Amph. Species World: 369. Menzies, 2006, Frogs New Guinea & Solomon Is.: 202, provided a brief account. See photograph, map, description of geographic range and habitat, and conservation status in Stuart, Hoffmann, Chanson, Cox, Berridge, Ramani, and Young, 2008, Threatened Amph. World: 454.

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