Philoria kundagungan (Ingram and Corben, 1975)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Superfamily: Myobatrachoidea > Family: Limnodynastidae > Genus: Philoria > Species: Philoria kundagungan

Kyarranus kundagungan Ingram and Corben, 1975, Mem. Queensland Mus., 17: 335. Holotype: QM J23944, by original designation. Type locality: "Mistake Mountains (27° 53′ S, 152° 21′ E), about 800 metres above sea level, and 83 km southwest of Brisbane, SE. Queensland", Australia.

Philoria kundagunganCogger, Cameron, and Cogger, 1983, Zool. Cat. Aust., Amph. Rept., 1: 24; Knowles, Mahony, Armstrong, and Donnellan, 2004, Rec. Aust. Mus., 56: 57.

Coplandia kundagunganWells and Wellington, 1985, Aust. J. Herpetol., Suppl. Ser., 1: 2.

English Names

Red-and-yellow Mountain-frog (Ingram, Nattrass, and Czechura, 1993, Mem. Queensland Mus., 33: 223).

Red Tunnel Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 94).

Mountain Frog (Barker, Grigg, and Tyler, 1995, Field Guide Aust. Frogs., Ed. 2: 245; Tyler and Knight, 2009, Field Guide Frogs Aust.: 78).


Great Dividing Range from Mistake Mountains west of Brisbane (extreme southeastern Queensland) south to extreme northeastern New South Wales, Australia.


See photograph, map, description of geographic range and habitat, and conservation status in Stuart, Hoffmann, Chanson, Cox, Berridge, Ramani, and Young, 2008, Threatened Amph. World: 422. See brief account by Tyler and Knight, 2009, Field Guide Frogs Aust.: 78–79. See Ellis, Doughty, and Roberts, 2017, Rec. W. Aust. Mus., 32: 15, for comments on the type series. Bolitho, Rowley, Hines, and Newell, 2021, Aust. J. Zool., 67: 231–240, reported on occupancy modelling, noting a very fragmented distribution for this species. Cutajar, Portway, Gillard, and Rowley, 2022, Tech. Rep. Aust. Mus. Online, 36: 38, provided a polygon distribution map.  

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