Kurixalus bisacculus (Taylor, 1962)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Rhacophoridae > Subfamily: Rhacophorinae > Genus: Kurixalus > Species: Kurixalus bisacculus

Rhacophorus bisacculus Taylor, 1962, Univ. Kansas Sci. Bull., 43: 494. Holotype: EHT-HMS 34960, by original designation; now FMNH 178202 according to Marx, 1976, Fieldiana, Zool., 69: 65. Type locality: "Phu Kading, Loei Province, at an elevation of 3800 ft.", Thailand.

Rhacophorus (Rhacophorus) bisacculusDubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 77.

Aquixalus (Aquixalus) bisacculusDelorme, Dubois, Grosjean, and Ohler, 2005, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon, 74: 166.

Kurixalus bisacculusLi, Che, Bain, Zhao, and Zhang, 2008, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 48: 310, by implication.

Kurixalus (Aquixalus) bisacculus — Poyarkov, Nguyen, Popov, Geissler, Pawangkhanant, Neang, Suwannapoom, and Orlov, 2021, Russ. J. Herpetol., 28 (3A): 56. 

English Names

Loei Flying Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 113).

Taylor's Tree Frog (Das and Dutta, 1998, Hamadryad, 23: 67).

Green-limbed Tree Frog (Nutphund, 2001, Amph. Thailand: 144).

Phu Kradung Tree Frog (Nutphund, 2001, Amph. Thailand: 144).

Taylor's Treefrog (Chan-ard, 2003, Photograph. Guide Amph. Thailand: 154).

Taylor's Rough-armed Treefrog (Zug and Mulcahy, 2020 "2019", Amph. Rept. S. Tanintharyi: 60).

Loei Frilled Treefrog (Poyarkov, Nguyen, Popov, Geissler, Pawangkhanant, Neang, Suwannapoom, and Orlov, 2021, Russ. J. Herpetol., 28 (3A): 56). 

Taylor's Frill-limbed Treefrog (Zug, 2022, Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 653: 41).


Known with certainty only from north-central to south-central Thailand and higher elevation of the Cardamon Mountains in Cambodia; likely in western Laos. Unnamed cryptic species associated with this name in 1) southern Cambodia, extreme western Thailand and peninsular Myanmar; and 2) southeastern Yunnan and likely western Guangxi, China, south along the highlands through Vietnam to southern Laos. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Cambodia, China, People's Republic of, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam


In the Rhacophorus (Rhacophorus) appendiculatus group of Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 77. Closely related to Rhacophorus appendiculatus and Rhacophorus chaseni (= Rhacophorus appendiculatus chaseni), according to the original publication. Indian record by Kiyasetuo and Khare, 1987, J. Assam Sci. Soc., 29: 16–19. See comment under Rhacophorus verrucosus and discussion by Inger, Orlov, and Darevsky, 1999, Fieldiana, Zool., N.S., 92: 39–40, who noted considerable confusion in the application of this name. Ohler, Swan, and Daltry, 2002, Raffles Bull. Zool., 50: 477, reported this species from the Cardamon Mountains of Cambodia. Stuart, 1999, in Duckworth et al. (eds.), Wildlife in Lao PDR: 49, reported the species in Laos. Chan-ard, 2003, Photograph. Guide Amph. Thailand: 154–155, provided a very brief account, map for Thailand, and photograph. Ao, Bordoloi, and Ohler, 2003, Zoos' Print J., 18: 1117–1125, discussed and rejected the record for Nagaland, northeastern India. Stuart and Emmett, 2006, Fieldiana, Zool., N.S., 109: 11–12, provided records for the Cadamom Mountains, southwestern Cambodia. Nominal Kurixalus hainanus was considered the sister taxon of Kurixalus odontotarsus according to Li, Che, Bain, Zhao, and Zhang, 2008, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 48: 302–312. Das and Dutta, 2007, Hamadryad, 31: 154–181, noted no larval descriptions in the literature. Neang and Holden, 2008, Field Guide Amph. Cambodia: 114, provided a photograph, brief account of identification, ecology, and range in Cambodia. Fei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 692–695, provided an account (as Aquixalus hainanus) for China and spot map. Yu, Zhang, and Yang, 2010, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 56: 942–950, regarded Kurixalus hainanus as a junior synonym on the basis of molecular evidence. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010, Colored Atlas of Chinese Amph.: 428, provided a brief account (as Aquixalus hainanus) for China including photographs of specimens and habitat. Chan-ard, Cota, and Makchai, 2011, Amph. E. Region Thailand: 82–83, provided a photograph and brief account for eastern Thailand, and (p. 138), detailed the range in Thailand. Shi, 2011, Amph. Rept. Fauna Hainan: 61–64, provided an account for Hainan (as Rhacophorus hainanus). Hecht, Pham, Nguyen, Nguyen, Bonkowski, and Ziegler, 2013, Biodiversity J., 4: 507–552, reported a record from Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve, Bac Giang Province, northeastern Vietnam and discussed the range. Luu, Le, Do, Hoang, Nguyen, Bonkowski, and Ziegler, 2014, Herpetol. Notes, 7: 51–58, provided a record for Thuong Tien Nature Reserve, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam. Pham, An, Herbst, Bonkowski, Ziegler, and Nguyen, 2017, Bonn Zool. Bull., 66: 37–53, provided records for Cao Bang Province, Vietnam, along with observatons on morphology and natural history. Yu, Rao, Matsui, and Yang, 2017, Sci. Rep. (Nature, London), 7 (16124): 1–13, redelimited the species and discussed the systematic literature, noting several populations that remain unnamed. Reported from Lai Chau Province, Vietnam, by Pham, Hoang, Pham, and Nguyen, 2019, VNU J. Sci. Nat. Sci. Tech., 35: 73–79. Niyomwan, Srisom, and Pawangkhanant, 2019, Field Guide Amph. Thailand: 402–403, provided a brief account (description, photographs, habitat, and range) for Thailand (in Thai). Zug and Mulcahy, 2020 "2019", Amph. Rept. S. Tanintharyi: 60–61, provided a brief account for South Tanintharyi, peninsular Myanmar. Zug, 2022, Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 653: 41, briefly discussed identification, habitat, and range in Myanmar.

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