Centrolene condor Cisneros-Heredia and Morales-Mite, 2008

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Centrolenidae > Subfamily: Centroleninae > Genus: Centrolene > Species: Centrolene condor

Centrolene condor Cisneros-Heredia and Morales-Mite, 2008, Herpetozoa, Wien, 21: 50. Holotype: QCAZ 37279, by original designation. Type locality: "Destacamento Militar Cóndor Mirador, western slope of the Cordillera del Cóndor, (03º18′25″S, 78º23′36″W, between 1750-1850 m elevation), Provincia de Zamora-Chinchipe, República del Ecuador".

English Names

Condor Glassfrog (Guayasamin, Cisneros-Heredia, McDiarmid, Peña, and Hutter, 2020, Diversity, 12 (222): 37). 


Cordillera del Cóndor in Zamora-Chinchipe Province, southern Ecuador, at elevations of 1737 to 2920 m. See comment. 

Geographic Occurrence

Natural Resident: Ecuador

Endemic: Ecuador


Most similar to Centrolene altitudinale, Centrolene buckleyi, Centrolene hesperium, Centrolene lemniscatum, and Centrolene venezuelense according to the original publication. Catenazzi, von May, Gagliardi-Urrutia, Lehr, and Guayasamin, 2012, Zootaxa, 3388: 64, confirmed the placement of this species in Centrolene. Almendáriz C. and Batallas-Revelo, 2012, Rev. Politécnica, Quito, 30: 42–53, reported on additional localities, larval morphology, habitat, and advertisement call. See detailed account by Guayasamin, Cisneros-Heredia, McDiarmid, Peña, and Hutter, 2020, Diversity, 12 (222): 35–39, provided a detailed account, including adult morphology, advertisement call, relationships, natural history, and conservation status. Székely, Córdova-Díaz, Hualpa-Vega, Hualpa-Vega, and Székely, 2023, ZooKeys, 1149: 74–76, discussed the difficulties of identification of this species, suggesting that records from (all in Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador) Alto Machinaza–Loma Tigres Bajo, Rio Machinaza-Sector Colibri, and Paquisha Alto, may represent Centrolene condor, and that records from Alto Machinaza–Loma Tigres Alto, apply to a candidate species they referred to as Centrolene aff. condor. 

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