Ingerana charlesdarwini (Das, 1998)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Dicroglossidae > Subfamily: Occidozyginae > Genus: Ingerana > Species: Ingerana charlesdarwini

Rana charlesdarwini Das, 1998, Hamadryad, 23: 42. Holotype: ZSIC A8890, by original designation. Type locality: "ca. 0.3 km N of summit of Mount Harriet (10° 45′ N and 92° 46′ E), Mount Harriet National Park, South Andaman Island, Bay of Bengal, India; altitude 365 m above msl".

Limnonectes charlesdarwini — Das and Dutta, 2007, Hamadryad, 31: 157. 

Ingerana charlesdarwiniFrost, 2006, Amph. Spec. World, vers. 4.0; Dinesh, Radhakrishnan, Gururaja, and Bhatta, 2009, Rec. Zool. Surv. India, Occas. Pap., 302: 36.

English Names

Charles Darwin's Frog (Das and Dutta, 1998, Hamadryad, 23: 65; Dinesh, Radhakrishnan, Gururaja, and Bhatta, 2009, Rec. Zool. Surv. India, Occas. Pap., 302: 37).


Andaman Island (South Andaman [Mount Harriet National Park], North Andaman [Saddle Peak National Park], Little Andaman, Rutland, Long Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Tarmugli Island, Alexandria Island and Redskin Island), India, 30 to 600 m elevation.


Thought to be close to Ingerana in the original publication, though tentatively retained in Rana because of incongruencies in certain diagnostic characters. Moved to Ingerana in this catalogue due to the reformulation of Rana to a well-diagnosed group by subsequent literature. Das and Dutta, 2007, Hamadryad, 31: 154–181, noted one extended larval descriptions oin the literature (as Limnonectes charlesdarwini). See map, description of geographic range and habitat, and conservation status (as Rana charlesdarwini) in Stuart, Hoffmann, Chanson, Cox, Berridge, Ramani, and Young, 2008, Threatened Amph. World: 501. See account by Chandramouli, 2017, Alytes, 33: 47–54, who discussed the taxonomic history, recent collections, and range and considered the generic assignment to be provisional. Harikrishnan and Vasudevan, 2018, Alytes, 36: 251–252, commented on the distribution and natural history in the Andaman Islands, India.   

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