Atympanophrys shapingensis (Liu, 1950)

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Megophryidae > Subfamily: Megophryinae > Genus: Atympanophrys > Species: Atympanophrys shapingensis

Megophrys shapingensis Liu, 1950, Fieldiana, Zool. Mem., 2: 194. Holotype: FMNH 49405, by original designation. Type locality: "Shaping, Opienhsien [=Ebian County], Szechwan [=Sichuan]", China.

Megophrys (Megophrys) shapingensisDubois, 1980, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon, 49: 472.

Atympanophrys shapingensisTian and Hu, 1983, Acta Herpetol. Sinica, Chengdu, N.S.,, 2 (2): 43; Zhao and Adler, 1993, Herpetol. China: 115.

Megophrys (Atympanophrys) shapingensisDubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 23; Mahony, Foley, Biju, and Teeling, 2017, Mol. Biol. Evol., 34: 754. 

Megophrys shapingensisFei, Ye, and Huang, 1990, Key to Chinese Amph.: 205.

Xenophrys shapingensisDelorme, Dubois, Grosjean, and Ohler, 2006, Alytes, 24: 18.

Atympanophrys shapingensis — Chen, Zhou, Poyarkov, Stuart, Brown, Lathrop, Wang, Yuan, Jiang, Hou, Chen, Suwannapoom, Nguyen, Duong, Papenfuss, Murphy, Zhang, and Che, 2017, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., 106: 41. 

English Names

Shaping Frog (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 85).

Shaping Horned Toad (Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 106).


North-central Sichuan to northern Yunnan, China, 2000 to 3200 m elevation.


See accounts by Liu, 1950, Fieldiana, Zool. Mem., 2: 194-196; Liu and Hu, 1961, Tailless Amph. China: 70;Ye, Fei, and Hu, 1993, Rare and Economic Amph. China: 163; and by Fei, 1999, Atlas Amph. China: 106-107. Fei and Ye, 2001, Color Handbook Amph. Sichuan: 142-143, provided a brief account and illustration. See also brief account by Zhao and Yang, 1997, Amph. Rept. Hengduan Mountains Region: 46-47. Fei, Hu, Ye, and Huang, 2009, Fauna Sinica, Amph. 2: 356-363, provided an account, illustration of the holotype, and spot map for China. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2010, Colored Atlas of Chinese Amph.: 206-207, provided a brief account including photographs. Fei, Ye, and Jiang, 2012, Colored Atlas Chinese Amph. Distr.: 230–231, provided an account, photographs, and a range map. Xiang, Wang, Jiang, Li, and Xie, 2013, Mitochondrial DNA, 24: 43–45, reported on the complete mtDNA genome. Fei and Ye, 2016, Amph. China, 1: 629–631, provided an account, photograph, and dot map, as Atympanophrys shapingensis. 

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