Micrixalus Boulenger, 1888

Class: Amphibia > Order: Anura > Family: Micrixalidae > Genus: Micrixalus
24 species

Micrixalus Boulenger, 1888, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1888: 205. Type species: Ixalus fuscus Boulenger, 1882, by subsequent designation of Myers, 1942, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 55: 74.

English Names

Tropical Frogs (Frank and Ramus, 1995, Compl. Guide Scient. Common Names Amph. Rept. World: 102).

Indian Dancing Frogs (Biju, Garg, Gururaja, Shouche, and Walujkar, 2014, Ceylon J. Sci., Biol. Sci., 43: 14). 

Torrential Frogs (Dinesh, Radhakrishnan, Deepak, and Kulkarni, 2023, Fauna India Checklist, vers. 5.0 : 6).




Pillai, 1978, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., Ser. B, 87: 173-177, supplied a key to the species of India and Sri Lanka. See comment under Platymantis liui. In the subfamily Raninae, tribe Ranini of Dubois, 1987 "1986", Alytes, 5: 39, who (pp. 51-55) discussed and redefined the taxon. See comment under Ingerana. Placed as the sole member of the Micrixalinae by Dubois, Ohler, and Biju, 2001, Alytes, 19: 54. Biju, Garg, Gururaja, Shouche, and Walujkar, 2014, Ceylon J. Sci., Biol. Sci., 43: 1-87, revised the species and recognized five similarity groupings: (1) Micrixalus elegans group (Micrixalus candidus, Micrixalus elegans, Micrixalus kurichiyari, Micrixalus niluvasei, Micrixalus sairandhri, Micrixalus spelunca, and Micrixalus uttaraghati); (2) Micrixalus fuscus group (Micrixalus adonis, Micrixalus fuscus, Micrixalus herrei, Micrixalus mallani, Micrixalus nelliyampathi, and Micrixalus kodayari); (3) Micrixalus nudis group (M. gadgili, Micrixalus nudis, Micrixalus sali, and Micrixalus thampii); (4) Micrixalus saxicola group (Micrixalus kottigeharensis, Micrixalus saxicola and Micrixalus specca); and (5) Micrixalus silvaticus group (Micrixalus frigidus, Micrixalus nigraventris, Micrixalus phyllophilus, and Micrixalus silvaticus). 

Contained taxa (24 sp.):

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